Not only do we complete all of the normal duties and functions of other Agents, but please take the time to review some of the main differences which sets us apart from our competitors.


How do we lease your property faster and make you more money?

  • Our office is contactable for rental and other real estate queries 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We do not ‘clock off’ at 5pm Friday and start again at 9am on Monday morning.

  • We have special emergency procedures in place to cover most eventualities that can occur out of normal business hours. Storms, burglary and other nasties do have a habit of happening on weekends and odd hours too!

  • We respond to ALL prospective tenant enquiries within 24 hours of receiving them, regardless of the method of enquiry.

  • We conduct weekend and after hours ‘Home Opens’ for all of our rental properties, to allow prospective Tenants the opportunity to view your property. This proves to be hugely successful, as weekend viewings encourages and supports all professional prospective Tenants many of whom are restricted with their time during the week and just cannot make a viewing.

  • Did you know that 98% of all prospective Tenants come from an enquiry on the Internet? Your property is listed on over 80 different websites for maximum exposure all the major popular local, national and international websites.

  • Additionally, we pay premium subscriptions on the most popular websites to ensure your property remains at the top of your suburb, as a ‘Feature Property’.

  • We give you honest and accurate feedback, not always what you want to hear but honest market feedback. This allows you, the Owner, to make informed decisions regarding your investment.

  • We diligently maintain our prospective Tenant database of over 20,000 Tenants.

  • We keep you informed every step of the way. Too often you sign up with a Managing Agent and the only time you hear from them is where there is a problem. We have a policy to contact you at least once a week to report on progress during the leasing period and every now and again during the period of agency.

  • Every one of our rental listings will be listed on multiple sites, with a portfolio of professional photographs.

  • We save you money! – because of our Internet based strategies, contacts with the Corporate Relocation companies and use of modern methods, your property is generally leased quicker thereby cutting down vacancy periods.

  • You can always contact the Licensee of the company who is accessible to your needs and queries. We also have an Office Manager to support our team of staff who are fully trained and licensed to cater for your property needs and queries and can deal with all eventualities as they arise on any given day.

  • We have a standard No Pets Preferred and a No Smoking Inside the house policy. This is subject to your instructions but we have found this policy creates fewer headaches for our Lessors in the long term.

  • Leasing your property to the right Tenant is our number one priority. Our Company is built on reputation and results and not false promises. Feel free to ask to speak to any of our current Lessors and we can have them call you regarding our level of service.

How do we make sure your property is kept to a very high standard?

  • We provide very detailed reports including a comprehensive Property Condition Report (“PCR’) at the commencement of each tenancy together with a thorough pictorial record of the condition of the property both inside and out.

  • PCR’s are now governed by Law and Lessors and Agents MUST adhere to a strict format for these reports.

  • We have a very diligent Tenant screening process and we only lease properties to people that pass the test (100%).

  • We conduct extremely comprehensive Final Bond Inspections, with 2 staff in attendance and who take over 1,000 photos in support of the comparative check.

  • We carry out thorough routine inspections of your property and provide you an accurate report together with a portfolio of photos every three months.

  • At Peter Bruhn & Associates our reports go way beyond what is required to protect you, especially when the Tenant vacates.

  • We have a strict quality control on any new management as we only ‘take on’ well maintained properties, which attract reliable ‘A’, class tenants! We understand property management and we structure our office to make sure we are never too busy to get problems sorted out straight away.

  • Properties under our management look like homes, not rentals!

Proactive management of your property

  • We use the industry leading property management software, providing you with the very best financial statements.

  • Zero tolerance rent arrears, whilst we manage a small portfolio, we manage it well, and so far our rent arrears list is minimal. Every one of our tenant’s rent is paid on time, consistently, there are ‘no exceptions’ or tolerance given.

  • Tenants are what make investment properties work and when a tenant has a problem we sort it out quickly and efficiently.

  • We look after your tenant, so in turn they look after your property.
  • We only employ fully qualified and insured tradespeople to carry out all approved maintenance. The majority of these tradesmen have been in business themselves and associated with our Company for many years.

  • We always are cognisant to protect our Lessors identity and always accompany every prospective Tenant at viewings. We are highly professional in all dealings especially with phone or email enquiries about you or your property.

  • We never hand out keys or divulge sensitive information about you or your property to unknown parties. For instance, some of our Lessors could be well-known public figures or people of notoriety who just want to maintain and protect their privacy.

  • We work on the theory that prevention is better than cure, where possible, we identify problems before they occur. We are proactive.

  • We guarantee our service. If you are not happy and we do not rectify the problem after 28 days of receiving your complaint in writing then we will allow you to terminate your authority with us at No Penalty. This is our guarantee to you!

  • We are a Corporate Member of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) and operate in within the REIWA strict members code of conduct.